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a.j. belt, iii
Managing Director, Chief Investment Officer, Partner

Having been a principal in the creation and operation of the publicly traded Dutch retail real estate fund, DIM Vastgoed, N V (Euronext Amsterdam Exchange) from 1996 through its sale in April 2010, the formation and management of 18 Dutch partnerships (“Maatschaps”) from 1992 – 2000, as well as a host of other institutional and family office initiatives throughout his + 30 year career, A.J. is well versed and deeply experienced in the complete commercial real estate spectrum (retail, office, hospitality, residential and industrial). A.J. is not only involved in the acquisition and development process, but is charged with spearheading the debt and equity procurement due to his extensive experience within the capital markets, his development, acquisition and financial structuring capabilities, along with asset & property management pedigree. Having started his commercial real estate career in 1983 in the office and industrial market and later expanding into the retail, hospitality and residential classes, A.J.’s deep and broad experience is the foundational strength of his and Mayfair’s primary mission…Client advocacy via property stabilization, enhancement and net asset value maximization.

Over the course of the last +15 years, approximately 1.5B sq. ft. of retail space was acquired or built and serviced with resulting extensive knowledge gained in the intricacies of project cost associated with development, including but not limited to, site selection and land cost thresholds, to the site-work, hard cost, tenant interior outfit and soft costs (architectural & engineering, legal, entitlement, debt for both construction and mini-permanent instruments, lease-up, marketing, etc.). In addition to A.J.’s property management, asset management and development experience, A.J. also acquired his General Contractors license (State of Florida) to compliment his service capabilities.