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AJ Belt, III

Managing Director, Acquisitions & Investments

Mr. Belt has more than 30 years of experience in all aspects of commercial real estate. He was a principal in the creation and operation of the publicly traded Dutch retail real estate fund, DIM Vastgoed, N V (Euronext Amsterdam Exchange) from 1996 through its sale in April 2010, as well as 18 Dutch partnerships (“Maatschaps”) from 1992 – 2000, Mr. Belt focuses on the retail, office, and industrial commercial real estate asset classes with particular attention to brokerage, development and recapitalization. While leasing and development services in the office and industrial asset classes were a start to his experience and have remained throughout his career, which served as the foundational base, he created a retail division in 1995 and focused on enhancing the service options to include traditional retail strip centers, specialty centers, grocery anchored neighborhood and regional centers, as well as regional power centers. His leadership roles include leasing, property & asset management, brokerage and development. Over the course of the last +15 years, approximately 1.5B sq. ft. of retail space was acquired or built and serviced. Mr. Belt was responsible for raising over 500 million dollars for his most recent significant assignment - DIM Vastgoed N.V. Multiple other funds, valued between $100 million and $250 millions, resulting in over $2 billion in funds were raised for companies including, Dane Investors Management, Gus Boulis Estate and LakePoint.