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Simon Burgess

Managing Director, Hospitality & Development

Mr. Burgess has been involved in commercial real estate in various capacities: as a developer, contractor and investor. He was the co-founder and 50% shareholder of the Oceanico Group of companies, based in Europe and the USA, co-founding it 2000. Under his leadership, the company grew from 2 employees to 650 within in six years. Mr. Burgess met his goal to lead Oceanico into a leading touristic, developer, builder, owner, and manager of luxury golf and beach resorts in Europe and the USA, ultimately owning and operating 11 golf courses. Simultaneous to his Oceanico endeavors, he has been responsible for raising in excess of $1 billion dollars over the last 15 years for real estate, leisure, and hospitality projects in Portugal, UK, and USA. For over 30 years he has actively worked in all aspects of his development projects, from budget estimates to project delivery. He has also managed and operated over 2000 resort rooms along with 11 restaurants, and two leisure spas. Of special note, Mr. Burgess worked closely with Phillipe Starck to create the Royal Obidos boutique hotel in Northern Portugal. He is qualified as a quantity surveyor, and has hands on responsibility of cost control for the Mayfair portfolio of properties.