the pepper building


The Pepper Building is located in the heart of downtown Winston-Salem, NC and was designed by Northrup & O’Brien and completed in 1928. The redevelopment of this 49,000 square foot, seven story historic building includes a 75 room hotel contained in a fully renovated and preserved historic structure. In addition to the hotel operations, the previously famous Sir Winston Steakhouse and Martini bar will be reintroduced on the first floor. The hotel will also have meeting rooms and a state of the art fitness center.



The Pepper Building was originally designed as a multi-story department store; it persisted in that form under a handful of successive brands until converting to an office building which declined over the years until finally being abandoned. The art deco elements of the building and a highly regarded architect, (Northrup and O’Brien) gain the building state Historic Tax Credits (HTC’s).